This page is designed to provide artists and arts & culture organizations on Martha’s Vineyard with resources and information to enable you to continue doing your wonderful creative work. If you have suggestions of other resources you’d like to see appear here, contact us!


The Martha’s Vineyard Arts App is a mobile application piloted by Cape Cod and the Islands. The free app is available from the iPhone or Google Play Store, and puts a directory, a map, an events calendar, and news and twitter feeds at visitors’ fingertips. Each organization controls its own page, and can update and change information as needed. See this pdf or contact the Chamber of Commerce for more information.


The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) is a state agency that promotes excellence, access,education and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities. MCC is committed to building a central place for the arts, sciences and humanities in the everyday lives of communities across the Commonwealth. The Council pursues this mission through a combination of grant programs, partnerships and services for nonprofit cultural organizations, schools, communities and individual artists. MCC receives an annual appropriation from the state Legislature and funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Wallace Foundation, and others. In turn, MCC makes thousands of grants directly to non-profit cultural organizations, schools, communities, and individuals artists, through funding programs that use arts, science, and the humanities to build strong, diverse, livable communities. The beneficiaries of these programs comprise a cross-section of the population and citizens in each Massachusetts city and town.

Arts Marketing Kit Promo imageThe Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit is a free resource from GoSeeDo. It is designed for individual artists, as well as artistic and management leads, who want to make their arts organization more successful financially. Learn how to turn your art of any genre into a sustainable source of funding, while doing more inspiring work via new and more frequent commissions and sales. Make a lasting impact with your art!

NEFA LogoThe New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) is a nonprofit organization that provides leadership and resources that benefit artists, the public, arts funders, and policymakers throughout New England and beyond. NEFA believes deeply in the power of the arts to educate, excite, inspire, and connect people of all backgrounds and ages. From school touring programs and artists’ conventions to public art and research initiatives, NEFA works creatively and collaboratively to support the arts and advocate for the economic and cultural value of the creative sector. 

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The National Endowment for the Arts was established by Congress in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government. To date, the NEA has awarded more than $4 billion to support artistic excellence, creativity, and innovation for the benefit of individuals and communities. The NEA extends its work through partnerships with state arts agencies, local leaders, other federal agencies, and the philanthropic sector.


The National Endowment for the Humanities is an independent federal agency and is one of the largest funders of humanities programs in the United States. NEH serves and strengthens our republic by promoting excellence in the humanities and conveying the lessons of history to all Americans. The Endowment accomplishes this mission by awarding grants to various cultural institutions including museums, libraries, colleges, universities, public television, radio stations, and individual scholars.